The following is NOT an exhaustive list of corruption by CDCR. That would be impossible to compile because so much is hidden – except to us who have experienced this corruption first hand. We are sharing to give people an idea of the deep scope of this abuse and corruption carried out by a California State Agency, and how they get out of dealing with it. If you would like to submit a new category of you can submit via IG DMs or by emailing us at 


Although many of us have experienced some form of being turned away, we have included publicly available examples of harrassment during visitation, in order to protect identities and prevent retaliation of our loved ones and family members. From instances we have witnessed zero effort towards accommodation or compassion.

  • Groups with young children being turned away even though they are with accompanying adult
  • Turned away for wearing underwire bras (you can remove the wire and all other metal pieces)
  • Disabilities not being accommodated or not being on the pre-visit registration (medical devices or accessories such as casts, wraps, walkers)


Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 6.26.13 PM
Guards Asleep On The Job, RJ Donovan State Prison, May 17, 206 – ABC 10 News


From Prison Legal News, Steve Horn, May 2, 2019

The (Office of the Inspector General) report noted that one-third of the use of force incidents it reviewed occurred at just five state prisons: California State Prison, Corcoran; California State Prison, Sacramento; Kern Valley State Prison; the California Correctional Institution and Salinas Valley State Prison. The Sacramento facility led the count with 51 such incidents, while the California Correctional Institution came in second with 38.

Of the 3,709 incidents involving use of force reviewed by the Inspector General, 11,046 legally defined “applications” of force took place, meaning that in many of the incidents, multiple types of force were used by prison staff.

“The use of chemical agents accounted for 5,121 (46 percent) of total applications, while physical strength and holds accounted for 3,662 (33 percent),” the report stated. “The remaining 21 percent of applications comprised force options such as less-lethal projectiles, baton strikes, tasers, and firearms.”


In addition to the daily racism, system based racism, and race based slurs, name calling, and harassment by guards, there have been examples of racism in even the CDCR headquarters.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 12.33.22 PM
From CBS13, Nazi Hate Symbol in Office Window, Officer Said It Was “For Training Purposes”


We want to bring to light the issue of harassment by female guards against men in these prisons. We are not diminishing the impact of hardships experienced by women in prison both who work there or who are imprisoned themselves. But all too often, harassment occurs on men by female guards.

This is psychological weapon against the men, playing on normal sexual physical responses but used to degrade and dehumanize them. In the psychologically toxic environment of the prison, no one is safe from this type of degrading treatment.


While us and other groups of families are getting organized, it is worth seeing what political power CDCR has not only as an agency but in the form of a big money political lobby.

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